40th Anniversary Special


First published in 40th Anniversary Special Prog in 2017.

Writer: TMO

Artist: Jock (Mark Simpson)

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, 2000 AD released a standalone Prog to commemorate the milestone.  The issue features stories about Dredd, Slaine and others but Judge Death, and the Dark Judges, get highlighted on one page.  It’s easier to just show the page here than explain it but for context, throughout the issue there are these one pages little features that talk about the history of the comic.  They’re very slight and quite silly but it all counts in our great quest to catalogue Judge Death’s appearances.

That said, while this is worth finding for collectors’ value alone, it’s not a big deal when it comes to the Judge Death storyline at all.

*spoilers ahead*

Plot Overview

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This special sold out pretty quickly and nowhere seems to sell it.  So it’s off to eBay for this one.


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