A History of 2000 AD in Five Pages (2007)


First published in Prgo 1526 in 2007.

Writer: Robin Smith

Artist: Robin Smith

Now we’re getting pretty obscure.  A History of 2000 AD in Five Pages is a short story, told by Tharg The Mighty himself, that does what it says on the tin.  It tells the story of 2000 AD.  It references the various writers and artists that made 2000 AD what it is.  It covers a range of important characters from Dan Dare and The Mekon to, of course, Judge Dredd.

It then mentions the Dark Judges in the panel below.  Yes, it’s a fleeting mention but that’s what we are here for!  It’s a fun celebration of 2000 AD’s history and the art is good although we believe the Dark Judges’ art is sampled from Brian Bolland’s original work.


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If you want this story you’ll need to go straight to Prog 1526 for it.

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