A Night 2 Remember


First published in Prog 1280 in 2002.

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Simon Davis

We’ll be changing our usual review format for this one because A Night 2 Remember is a very odd entry into the Judge Death bibliography.  

Judge Death’s last appearance had been in 1999 after a very prolific spell across the ’90s (it’s worth noting that he got ten outings in the ’80s but eighteen in the ’90s, including Necropolis, which was a massive deal in 2000 AD).   This would slow down in the ’00s with John Wagner seemingly getting tired of the character and so it is quite telling that this baffling strip would only feature him in two panels.

A Night 2 Remember was a celebration of 25 years of 2000 AD and reunited not only a large cast of past and present characters but also  a different writer and artist combination for each of its ten pages.  It is most notable for a lot of self-effacing humour from the team on the strip’s final page but Judge Death gets his appearance on page 4, written by Dan Abnett and drawn by Simon Davis.

His appearance can be seen below and isn’t much to write home (or indeed a whole blog post) about but it’s Death and so we’re duty-bound to mention it.  We  can’t find any reprints of this story but you might be able to pick up Prog 1280 directly from the 2000AD website.

It’s not great though.  It’s almost impossible to follow what is going on and reads like you’re walking through a nightclub partially hearing conversations, which is the intention.  But it’s not to be taken too seriously and is notable for being very, very silly.

Note:  if you want a MUCH BETTER write up of this story, check out this blog post from Thrill-powered Thursday.


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