A Night With Judge Death (1999)


First published in Prog 1168 in 1999.

Writer: John Wagner

Artist: Andy Clarke

A Night With Judge Death is a one-shot story set in the post-Necropolis era that follows on in a similar vein to Death Becomes Him.   

Judge Death doesn’t actually feature in this one, which is why this story wasn’t mentioned in the Judge Death Wikipedia page, and so we only tracked this one down since starting this site a few months ago.   But it does feature a robotic version of him and brings back Mrs. Gunderson and apartment 133B from Young Death and Death Becomes Him.  Interestingly, the Prog’s cover does feature Death which might have been a little misleading.

It’s a great story with John Wagner doing a great job with just six pages to work in.  Andy Clarke’s artwork is very clean and easy to follow, more so than a lot of Judge Death stories, and Chris Blythe’s colouring is very tasteful, with a lot of muted colours that help get across the feeling of 133B.  If you can track down the Prog (1168), this is worth a look but if you want to buy something easily, Case Files 31 is an option but probably not worthwhile if you’re only looking to get this story.

*spoilers ahead*

Plot Overview

A Night With Judge Death brings us back to Mrs. Gunderson’s apartment where Judge Death lived during Young Death.  It’s now a tourist attraction of sorts, where people visit or even stay.  During Death Becomes Him we saw how an actor played the part of Judge Death but, like all of his predecessors, this role sent him mad and so Mrs. Gunderson now has a robot dressed up as Judge Death.

A stag party arrives and bundle the groom-to-be, Randy Rooker, into the room and leave.  He’s blacked out from drinking and so they decide to give him a scare for when he wakes up.  Their plan goes horribly wrong though when the second Robot War breaks out, killing the rest of the party.

Randy wakes up and realises that he’s trapped and it’s not long before he starts imagining that Death is talking to him.   Unfortunately, it takes five days for him to be discovered at which point he’s wearing Death’s outfit and is looking to kill anyone he sees.

Death Status

All Dark Judges in captivity.

Buy it now

The only way to get hold of this story as a reprint is via Judge Death Case Files 31 so you may just want to grab Prog 1168 on eBay.

Judge Dredd Case Files 31 

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