Judge Death is Judge Dredd’s most deadly enemy and was created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland in 1980, three years into 2000 AD’s marathon run.  He has featured in many stories since both as part of a main timeline but also in alternative timelines and currently there are almost forty different stories that feature him.

A year ago I attempted to read through the entire timeline for the first time.  I’ve got a collection which includes all of the trade paperbacks and various issues that Death features in but soon found that between all of the reprints, progs, special editions and Megazines, keeping track of Death’s timeline is ridiculously difficult and while Death had a pretty decent Wikipedia page and the 2000 AD Barney database helped fill in some gaps, there isn’t a definitive page out there that tracks his attempted conquest of all things living.

So I’ve created The Judge Death Files as an attempt to get on top of his timeline and provide links to anyone else who wants to read the entire history of the best comic character ever created.  I hope you enjoy it and we’re open to any comments, even if they are of the ‘well actually….’ variety.

2020 Update:  WIkipedia, in a display of absolute stupidity, have relegated the Judge Death wiki to a mention on a page of 2000 AD characters.  We don’t know what sort of massive brain aneurysm caused them to make a move that stupid but it’s a disgusting move.  I’ve seen a suggestion that I could have somehow done that to get more traffic to here but I was gutted to see the wiki go as I was relying on their bibliography a lot (until I remembered Wayback Machine) and, honestly, this is the most niche site ever and I’ll be glad to get any readers!  Think of it as a resource that I always wished existed and ended up making myself.

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