Aftermath Ron Reagan (1985)


First published in prog 420.  Republished in Judge Death: Case Files 08.

Writer:  John Wagner

Artists:  Ian Gibson

Aftermath Ron Reagan doesn’t actually feature Death or the Dark Judges but they are mentioned as it follows on from Revenge and is set in the Ron Reagan block for the aged and infirm, one of Death’s stops on his death dispensing tour.

It’s another black and white joint and is written by John Wagner and inked by Ian Gibson.  It was his first Judge Death-related work but is a little messy to be honest.  The story is okay as an aside and shows how Dredd’s attention to detail when it comes to the law doesn’t take a day off even after Death and pals have been in town.  A good story but far from essential.

*spoilers ahead*

Plot Overview

With Death and the rest of the Dark Judges currently having a little relaxing time out in the infinite void, Dredd and the rest of the not-as-dark judges are cleaning up the city after Death’s latest outburst.  They find themselves at the Ron Reagan block where Death and co. had taken a little bit off of the top from some of Mega-City One’s eldest citizens.  While there Dredd finds a very rich but not all that old dead resident and realises that Duff Dempsey and his family of no good hoodlums have been evading the long arm of the law by holding up with the elderly.

With no actual dark judging going on, this story is a very skippable entry in the timeline of Judge Death but it does still have the dark John Wagner humour and puts Dredd back in his ‘absolute bastard cop’ box where we want him.


Death Status

Still trapped in a dimensionless void after Revenge.


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This story was reprinted in Judge Dredd Case Files 08.  

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 08 (Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files Book 8)


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