Judge Death Bibliography

Welcome to the Judge Death Bibliography.  Here is where we are looking to keep track of the entire timeline of Judge Death and the other Dark Judges.  Publishing dates shown are the last issue of the series.

Please note:  this Judge Death bibliography is a work in progress because old appearances are constantly revealing themselves.  If you spot any missing tales, please let us know over on Twitter.


Judge Death   Progs 149-151, Feb 1980 John Wagner Brian Bolland
Death Lives   Progs 224-228, Sep 1981 Wagner / Grant Brian Bolland
Behold the Beast Judge Dredd Annual , Aug 1982 John Wagner Carlos Ezquerra
Revenge / Four Dark Judges Progs 416-427, Jul 1985 Wagner / Grant Brett Ewins
Aftermath Ronald Reagan  Prog 420, Jun 1985 Wagner / Grant Ian Gibson 
House of Death Dice Man #1, Feb 1986 Wagner / Grant Bryan Talbot
Bride of Death Daily Star, Mar 1987 Wagner / Grant Ian Gibson 
  What If Judges Did Ads? Prog 527, May 1987 Wagner / Grant Ian Gibson 
Beyond the Void Progs 612-613, Feb 1989 Alan Grant Mick Austin
Dear Annie Progs 672-673, Apr 1990 John Wagner Carlos Ezquerra
Necropolis Progs 674-699, Oct 1990 John Wagner Carlos Ezquerra
Theatre of Death Progs 700-701, Oct 1990 John Wagner Ron Smith
Wot I Did During Necropolis Progs 707-709, Dec 1990 John Wagner Anthony Williams
Boyhood of a Superfiend Megazine 1.01-1.12, Sep 1991 John Wagner Peter Doherty
Masque of the Judge Death Dredd Mega-Special, Jun 1991 Si Spencer John McCrea
Return of the King Progs 733-735, Jun 1991 Garth Ennis Carlos Ezquerra
  Auld Acquaintance Judge Dredd Yearbook 1992, Sep 1991 John Wagner Cam Kennedy
  Engrams Pt. 2 Progs 758-763, Nov 1991 Alan Grant David Roach
Judgement on Gotham   Graphic Novel, Dec 1991 Wagner / Grant Simon Bisley
Tea with Mrs. Gunderson Megazine 2.15, Nov 1992 John Wagner Dean Ormston
It’s a Dreddful Life  Megazines 2.44-2.45, Jan 1994 Alexander / Morrison Colin MacNeil
Creep’s Day Out Megazine 2.50, Apr 1994 Si Spencer Kevin Cullen
Postcards From The Edge Megazine 2.57, Jul 1994 Alan Grant Tony Luke
Judge Death: The True Story Progs 901-902, Aug 1994 John Wagner Ian Gibson 
  Goodnight Kiss Progs 940-948, Jul 1995 Garth Ennis Nick Percival
  Plagues of Necropolis Megazines 2.78-2.83, Jul 1995 Si Spencer Various
The Three Amigos   Megazines 3.02-3.07,  Oct 1995 John Wagner Trevor Hairsine
Judge Death Lawman of the Future 8-10, Dec 1995 Robbie Morrison Alex Ronald
  Killing Grounds Megazine 3.13, 1996 John Smith Dean Ormston
Dead Reckoning Progs 1000-1006, Aug 1996 John Wagner Greg Staples
Death Becomes Him Progs 1114-1115, Oct 1998 Wagner / Grant Alex Ronald
Die Laughing Die Laughing 1-2, Nov 1998 Wagner / Grant Glenn Fabry
A Night with Judge Death Prog 1168, Nov 1999 John Wagner Andy Clarke
The Cal Legacy Progs 1178-1179, Feb 2000 John Wagner Colin Wilson
Turned Out Quite Nice Again Progs 1207-1208, Aug 2000 John Wagner Henry Flint
Ghost in the Machine Megazine 3.73, Jan 2001 John Wagner Patrick Goddard, Dylan Teague
Helter Skelter Progs 1250-1261, Sep 2001 Garth Ennis Carlos Ezquerra (and others)
A Night 2 Remember Prog 1280. Feb 2002 Various Various
My Name is Death Progs 1289-1294, Jun 2002 John Wagner Frazer Irving
The Marriage Game Megazine 203, Mar 2003 John Wagner Ian Gibson
Shadow of Death Metro (Beyond 2000 AD), Jan 2004 Tharg the Mighty Andy Clarke
The Wilderness Days Megazines 209-216, Mar 2004 John Wagner Frazer Irving
Half-Life Megazines 214-217, Mar 2004 Grant / Luke Arthur Ranson
Placebo Poster Prog Prog 1405, Sep 2004 Rufus Dog John McCrea
  Cursed Earth Koburn: The Assizes Megazine 239, Dec 2005 Gordon Rennie Carlos Ezquerra
  A History of 2000 AD in Five Pages Prog 1526, Feb 2007 Robin Smith Robin Smith
Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction Progs 1765-1784, May 2012 John Wagner Henry Flint, Colin MacNeil
Wot I Did During The Worst Dissaster in Mega-City History Prog 1786, June 2012 John Wagner Henry Flint
  …And Death Must Die! Megazine 348, Jun 2014 David Baillie Jake Lynch
  A Night in Sylvia Plath Progs 1892-1893, Aug 2014 John Wagner Colin MacNeil
Dark Justice Progs 1912-1921, Mar 2015 John Wagner Greg Staples
Dreams of Deadworld Progs 1946-1949. Sep 2015 Kek-W David Kendall
Tainted (Fall of Deadworld) Progs 1973-1981.  May 2016 Kek-W David Kendall
Mega-City Zero Judge Dredd (IDW) Vol. 2, Issue 8.  Jun 2016 Ulises Farina, Erick Freitas Dan McDaid
  A Dream of Death Prog 2000, Sep 2016 Alan Grant David Roach
  Winter Break (Fall of Deadworld) Prog 2011.  Dec 2016 Kek-W David Kendall
  Big Meg Megazine 382, Mar 2017 T.C. Eglington Boo Cook
  40th Anniversary Special 40th Anniversary Prog, Mar 2017 TMO Jock
  Hag Team Free Comic Book Day #7, May 2017 Dani John Charles
  Cursed (Fall of Deadworld)
Progs 2023-2033.  May 2017 Kek-W David Kendall
  Judge Dredd: Funko Universe Judge Dredd: Funko Universe, May 2017 John Layman Francesco Gaston, Troy Little
Dominion Megazines 386-391, Oct 2017 John Wagner Nick Percival
Home (Fall of Deadworld) Prog 2050. Sep 2017 Kek-W David Kendall
No Future New Scientist 3157-3158,  Dec 2017 Kek-W Patrick Goddard
The Dead World (Fall of Deadworld) Megazines 392-396, Mar 2018 Wyatt / de Campi Henry Flint
Memories Are Made Of This Prog 2073, Mar 2018 Kek-W Dan Cornwell
Darkness Descends 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special, Jun 2018 Leah Moore Xulia Vicente
Damned (Fall of Deadworld) Progs 2081-2092. Aug 2018 Kek-W David Kendall
Death’s Dark Angels Prog 2050, Sep 2018 Alan Grant Jake Lynch
Running Scared (Fall of Deadworld) Prog 2111. Dec 2018 Kek-W David Kendall
The Judge Who Laughs Villains Take Over, May 2019 Rob Williams Henrik Sahlstrom
The Torture Garden Megazines 400-409, Jun 2019 David Hine Nick Percival
Judge Death: The Movie Prog 2150, Sep 2019   Alan Grant Jake Lynch 
Doomed (Fall of Deadworld) Progs 2150-2161, Dec 2019 Kek-W David Kendall
Sidney (Fall of Deadworld) Progs 2162, Dec 2019 Kek-W David Kendall
Visions of Deadworld (Last Man Standing, The Good Samaritan, A Girl’s Gotta Eat) Progs 2210-2213, Jan 2021 Kek-W David Kendall
  Visions of Deadworld (You Give Me Fever, The Man Who Killed Mortis, Leigh, Transpolar) Progs 2225-2230, May 2021 Kek-W David Kendall
Deliverance   Megazines 424-433, Jun 2021 David Hine Nick Percival