Dear Annie (1990)


First published in progs 672-673 in 1990.

Writer: John Wagner

Artist: Carlos Ezquerra

Dear Annie marked the start of the mega-epic Necropolis or at least in terms of Judge Death being involved. Other stories had helped set up the story too, especially in terms of why Judge Death is no longer actually a judge but this story was the one that explained how Judge Death would go on to escape the void.

Of course, Death had had cameos in other publications and Beyond the Void had shown his attempt at escaping the void before but Dear Annie represents the point where the Judge Death story really got going again.

Its also written by John Wagner and drawn by sadly-missed Carlos Ezquerra. It was also, at the time, one of very few Judge Death tales published in colour and it looked great. It also foreshadowed the darker storytelling that Necropolis would hammer home.

*spoilers ahead*

Plot Overview

The Annie in Dear Annie is a tabloid agony aunt and this story focuses around a letter from a man called Chip who writes in after his wife, Xena, takes a turn for the worse after meeting Death back during Revenge. Death’s touch hadn’t quite killed her but it did get her half way there.

After their meeting she became obsessed with him and began bleeding herself in order to make herself ready to be with him if he returned.  This madness continued to grow and manifested as psychic powers which left Chip helpless to help her and also unable to escape. 

As the story reaches its conclusion it turns out that it’s not Judge Death who is coming but rather Phobia and Nausea, the Sisters of Death and it will be them who are central to Necropolis, the next part of the Judge Death story and perhaps the greatest epic in the history of Judge Dredd and 2000 AD.

Death Status

Still trapped in the void but with two allies now in Mega City One.

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