Helter Skelter (2001)

First published in Progs 1250-1261  in 2001.
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Carlos Ezquerra (and Henry Flint)
Helter Skelter  is a fairly epic story that ran across 11 Progs and across 73 pages.  With Garth Ennis on writing duties and the legendary Carlos Ezquerra on most of the art duties (Henry Flint steps in for a couple of Progs), this story is essential reading for Dredd fans.  It tells the story of how suddenly a variety of Judge Dredd’s previous foes are suddenly appearing in Mega-City One with no explanation.
That said, for us Judge Death fans, this is one you can probably skip as Death shows up, with the Dark Judges, in just one panel as the story references how it was the Dark Judges that brought across the dimension jump technology.
The panel is here for reference.

Death Status

All Dark Judges in captivity.


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Helter Skelter


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