Introducing our ‘Extras’ section

When we set up this site in 2019, the whole goal was to make sense of the entire timeline of Judge Death and The Dark Judges.  If you look at our bibliography, you’ll see that we’re getting there.  But there’s still more Judge Death content out there and so we’re looking to catalogue and ultimately review all of it, making some of it available (as long as we don’t cross any copyright lines).

Also, there are a few stories that don’t feature the Dark Judges but affect, or are affected by them.  Especially some of the Judge Anderson stories.  So we’ll be including those.

It’s not just comic strip material though.  There are text stories, novels, videogames and more and we want to capture all of it.  So keep an eye out on our extras page, it’ll be expanding rapidly!

(Note:  Thanks to Derek for helping us find a lot of these stories.  Also, thanks to the 2000AD Forum).

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