Judge Death: The Movie


First published in Prog 2150 in Sep 2019.

Writer: Alan Grant

Artist: Jake Lynch

Curiously, this tale comes exactly 100 Progs after Alan Grant and Jake Lynch previously  collaborated on Death’s Dark Angels.  And, at the point of writing, is the latest Judge Death story as we wait for Kek-W to bring back Fall of Deadworld.  

As the story is just under a year old and still available from 2000 AD in print, we’ll skip the spoilerific plot rundown but we can say that this another story where Judge Death shows up in mentions and an actor plays him.  Much like Death’s Dark Angels this is a Judge Anderson story with a couple of moments of humour but a dark story overall.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

Death Status

Trapped in Boing and floating through space.  Fear, Fire and Mortis presumably in spirit form, floating in space.

Buy it now

This won’t be repeated for a while, so you’ll need to pick up the Prog.  On the plus side, it includes another Judge Death story (Fall of Deadworld: Doomed).

Prog 2150


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