Masque of the Judge Death (1991)

First published in Judge Dredd Mega-Special in 1991.
Writer: Si Spencer
Artist: John McCrea
So far we’ve been seeing post-Necropolis stories that deal with the fallout of that chapter in the history of Mega-City 1 but this story, and that one that would follow, dealt with things that happened during it.  It marked the Judge Death debut for both Si Spencer and John McCrae and while it doesn’t advance the story, it’s an enjoyable tale that adds a little more backstory to Judge Death’s time during Necropolis.
The writing is okay here but the art style is a little bit intense with thick-lined black and white panels that aren’t particularly attractive but just ten pages, this is a quick and easy read.
*spoilers ahead*
Plot Overview
Masque of the Judge Death follows the story of Vincente Prospero who is doing his best to avoid the Necropolis by staying in his ultra-secure apartment and partying away the apocalypse with his rich friends.  He’s pretty sure that the Dark Judges won’t be able to find him and so they all continue with their revelry stopping only to acknowledge the chiming of Prospero’s clock every hour.
Of course, Judge Death does find them and walks in making short work of all them in particularly grisly style and all before the clock strikes again.

Death Status

Missing in Mega-City One. Fire, Mortis and Fear encased in plasteel cubes and locked into a secure vault.


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Your best option here is to double up buying this and Boyhood of a Superfiend, both of which appear in Young Death.

Young Death: Boyhood of a Superfiend

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