Poster Prog (2019)


First published in Sep 2019.

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Will Simpson

This is a tricky and, as we found out, expensive oddity.  The 2019 Poster Prog was a subscriber exclusive.  On one side it’s a massive, and good, poster of the Dark Judges (a bit too big for us to scan) and on the other is a story about a character called Mr. Kevin.   Despite the poster giving them prominence, the Dark Judges barely feature in the story and just get one panel (see below).

Death Status

Trapped in Boing and floating through space.  Fear, Fire and Mortis presumably in spirit form, floating in space.

Buy it now

This won’t be reprinted for a while, so you’ll need to pick up the Prog.  eBay is your best bet.

Poster Prog


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