Judge Death Resources

This site used the following online Judge Death resources to try to find the complete list of Judge Death and Dark Judge appearances.

2000 AD in Stages – this site only became apparent to us in late 2021, well after most of the site was written but BLOODY HELL, it’s a great resource and it is helping us to keep up to date.  An amazing piece of work by the 2000 AD Forum’s Funt Solo.

Judge Death Wikipedia – this was a decent Judge Death resource until the weird nerds over at Wikipedia decided to relegate the Dark Judges to a few lines on a list of Judge Dredd related characters.  A fairly pointless and disrespectful decision.  Thankfully, the Wayback Machine internet archiving service has a copy of it.  The Wiki was mainly useful because of its bibliography which is far from complete but still a useful resource.

Dark Judges Wikipedia – The Dark Judges also had a fairly decent Wiki entry also which, again, was vandalised by the editors over there.  The bibliography again wasn’t fully complete but did have some useful entries.

Judge Death BARNEY – 2000 AD’s own BARNEY database is a very good resource but is, as with everything else, incomplete and not up to date.  Also, it is very disorganised.  The appearances are listed in sections on the right hand side of the page and grouped into Progs, Megazines and other sources.  It’s not ideal but it was very helpful in putting together our bibliography.  There is also a page for The Dark Judges.

We also refer to the Judge Death Fandom wiki which isn’t very detailed but the links in it did help to clarify some plot points.


Thanks to the members of the 2000 AD Forum have helped in this post.

Also, thanks to Derek, a nice chap from the States who really knows his Judge Death stuff.

Thanks also to Brian Bolland and John Wagner for creating 2000 AD’s best character in the first place.