Sleep of the Just (1995)


Released as a collectable card set in 1995.

Writer: David Bishop

Artist: Ron Smith / Carlos Pino

Here’s a real rarity.  A set of collectable cards featuring Judge Death.  There were two sets of nine cards each produced and each one has a bit of story on one side and a comic panel on the other.  It does tell a story and it all below. 

(Thanks to Twitter user dragonfan62 for helping us a lot with this one!).

Plot Overview

Sleep of the Just opens with Dredd tracking down a killer and then using a sleep pod.  The killer finds him and then we see Dredd taking on Death in his dreams.  Dredd appears to be getting the best of Death when the killer attempts to enter his head, via another sleep pod.  The story doesn’t exactly resolve though.

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Card 6

Card 7

Card 8

Card 9

Card 10


Card 11


Card 12


Card 13


Card 14

Card 15


Card 16


Card 17

Card 18


Buy it now

This shows up on eBay, and American Amazon, now and again and doesn’t cost much.  Happy hunting!


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