Turned Out Quite Nice Again (2000)

First published in Progs 1207-1208 in 2000.
Writer: John Wagner
Artist: Henry Flint
You can guarantee that whenever we see our favourite landlady, Mrs. Gunderson, in a 2000 AD story then some unlucky civilian is going to lose their mind in some sort of Judge Death related incident.  This story brings together a few of our favourite characters too with Dredd having to deal with Mean Machine too.
Now this isn’t the first time that some jobbing actor dressed as Judge Death has gone loopy (see also:  Death Becomes Him) and so this story doesn’t really do anything new but the setting and the extra characters do make it a very fun read and Henry Flint’s bright and cheery art really fits the story, so we’re not complaining.  As Judge Death is not actually in this, it’s not really essential reading but it’s worth a look for you completionists out there and Judge Dredd fans will love it.
*spoilers ahead*
Plot Overview
Turned Out Quite Nice Again is a nice, self contained tale that is set within the Quite Nice Bar which is run by Mr. Quite and his son Chuck.  Outside, Mega-City One’s weather control system is malfunctioning and creating blizzards while inside the bar is packed.  Judge Death’s former landlady, Mrs. Gunderson, is there with Norman, the latest actor to play Judge Death at her home (she’s been opening it up to visitors as a tourist attraction ever since Judge Death vacated there).
Norman, much like all of his predecessors, has gone completely mental and believes himself to be the actual Judge Death and is threatening his fellow customers at the bar.  Then things get even more interesting when Mean Machine turns up explaining that he is transporting two prisoners to the psycho cubes.  However, one of his companions tries to tell Mr. Quite that Mean Machine murdered someone, presumably the actual person transporting the prisoners.
Also, a criminal called Urban Terror is there trying to poo out a bomb that is inside his arse.  Bloody hell.  All while Norman is trying to randomly kill people near him.
Outside, Dredd is tracking the lost psycho shuttle and hears a disturbance from the bar which is Mean Machine headbutting Mrs. Gunderson’s robot Walter (which was Dredd’s once).  He enters and begins fighting Mean Machine, who has turned his meanness dial up to four (which is the maximum).  Meanwhile, Norman is still trying to kill people, which Mrs. Gunderson hilariously takes as him asking for a pay rise.  
As Dredd neutralises Mean Machine, Urban Terror manages to poo out the bomb and Norman is about to kill Mrs. Gunderson.  But then outside the weather generator malfunctions again, turning the sky into an inferno which melts all the ice instantly causing a big flood.  The flood then reunites Urban Terror and the toilet, just in time for the bomb to blow up and kill him.  The explosion then lets the flood into the bar.
We then see Dredd arrest Mean Machine and find out that the explosion, or flood, has killed Norman.  Mrs. Gunderson leaves, having a typically ridiculous conversation with Chuck, who she thinks is Norman.

Death Status

All Dark Judges in captivity.


Buy it now

You’ve got three options.  Track down the progs, pick up the Henry Flint Collection or Case Files 32 (which has the most stories but none of them are Judge Death ones apart from this one).

Judge Dredd – Case Files 32


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