Wot I Did During Necropolis (1990)


First published in progs 707-709 in 1990.  Republished multiple times.

Writer:  John Wagner

Artist:  Anthony Williams

The echoes of Necropolis resonated across many different stories, most of which dealt with the aftermath either in terms of the disease and chaos that the Necropolis left behind or the ramifications of the return of former Chief Judge McGruder and, of course, Judge Dredd but this curious little story which appeared just seven weeks after the mega-epic ended, focuses on an long-time 2000 AD villian, P.J. Maybe.

It’s a fun story but barely features Judge Death (he shows up as a scribbled drawing) but it counts as a cameo and the Sisters of Death show up too.   PJ’s simplistic speech makes for some stilted reading but the quality of the writing and artwork is great here and while it’s not really a Judge Death story, the fact that Wagner penned it and the sinister nature of it do make it worth your consideration.

*spoilers ahead*

Plot Overview

As the title suggests, this is set during Necropolis but told afterwards.  The story is from the perspective of P.J. Maybe who is serving life in a Psycho-Cube facility for murdering 14 people when he was an adolescent.  Necropolis happens though and P.J. uses the chaos to escape the facility.   

He returns home to find that his parents are committing a slow suicide (by wearing poisoned pants!) and so they die in front of him.  Being a psychopath this has little effect on P.J. though and when he gets a video call from family friends the Urchisons, he realises that they’ve got all the resources he needs to change his life.

So he kills their son, Junior, by getting him to wear the pants and then uses an Auto Doc Surge-U-Like face changing machine to turn himself into the likeness of Junior.  He gets caught by Mrs Urchison who realises that P.J. has killed her son but he kills her next and when Judge Dredd himself comes over to check the house out there’s a tense moment between him and P.J. but Dredd falls for P.J.’s new identity and goes, leaving P.J. to his new life as the sole heir of the Urchison fortune.

Death Status

Dormant amongst the dead in Mega-City One. Fire, Mortis and Fear encased in plasteel cubes and locked into a secure vault.


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Your best option here is Judge Dredd – Case Files 15 which also contains other post-Necropolis stories.

Judge Dredd – Case Files 15 

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