Wot I Did During The Worst Dissaster in Mega-City History (2012)


First published in Prog 1786 in 2012.

Writer: John Wagner

Artist: Henry Flint

As with 2000 ADs previous mega-epic, Necropolis, and the story Wot I Did During Necropolis, this story sees PJ Maybe, the genius serial killer, reflecting on the events of Day of Chaos.  This is of particular importance to us and it explains the further fate of the Dark Judges.

This story is short, just six pages, but is used as a stepping stone for John Wagner, a way to get from the events of Day of Chaos to the Dark Judges next appearance which would be three years later.  Despite the sheer number of murders everyone has committed (PJ and the Dark Judges), there’s a humourous tone to this story but that’s okay because it’s so good to have the Dark Judges back.

Henry Flint’s art is nice, clear and well-coloured (by Chris Blythe) and given that you can get it in the same volume as Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction, collectors and fans of the Dark Judges are advised to pick this one up.


*spoilers ahead*

Plot Overview

Wot I Did During The Worst Dissaster in Mega-City History is set during the events covered by Day of Chaos and follows on directly from Eve of Destruction.  It is set in the mansion owned by Allegra Strepsil, a billionaire who is now married to Roberto Smith.  However, Roberto is really the genius serial killer PJ Maybe, last seen in Wot I Did During Necropolis.

Being in a mansion makes them something of a target for looters and when three men show up looking for sanctuary, PJ guns them down.  However, it turns out these are just temporary host bodies for Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis.  Realising who they are, PJ tells them it is an honour to meet them and offers to help them continue their killing spree.

Mortis, who is even more serious than Death is most of time, tells PJ that they will still kill him, to which PJ says that is right and that he’s a self-confessed sinner.  They allow him to gather the resources needed to create three permanent host bodies and when he returns, he constructs an elaborate series of tubes.

Mortis quizzes him on what he’s created and PJ tells him it is an air filter and that he wouldn’t want to die from poisoning instead of receiving their judgement.  Mortis buys this but when PJ finishes preparing the bodies and the Dark Judges’ spirits begin to enter their new hosts, PJ activates the equipment he built.  It sucks their spirits into the pipes and traps them in a bottle.

Later, Allegra asks why the bottle is too cloudy and PJ tells her that he’s saving it for a special occasion.

Death Status

Trapped in hell.  Fire, Mortis and Fear encased trapped in a bottle by PJ Maybe.

Buy it now

Day of Chaos was reprinted across two books, The Fourth Faction and Endgame.  For your Dark Judge fix you’ll be needing the latter.  It also contains the previous story in the timeline (Day of Chaos: Eve of Destruction)

Day of Chaos: Endgame 

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